Thursday, June 17, 2010

Done with surgery, now it is recovery

Surgery went will I guess. My doctor decided against my past c-section scare and cut me up and down my stomach for an added touch. My incisions do not hurt, but the gas is very uncomfortable. I have been walking and it does not seem to do much. Today is 3 days post op and I finally farted. Yes, I had a mini celebration, but I know I still have a long road ahead of me. My staples come out in two weeks. They checked my ovary in the hospital and it was benign but samples were sent out and I won't find that out until tomorrow. My doc is not worried. Hopefully, this will be it and I can live a boring life from now till I am 100. Thank you for all your thoughts and now just think of me pooping and farting to get my intestines back to normal. :)

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nat said...

I feel for you. It is hard to get the "system" back on track after having your innards shuffled around! It will get better...

I am THRILLED that no cancer was found! I know you will breathe much easier once those samples come back negative too.

It is funny how we celebrate the simple things (farting and pooping) after having surgery. Those who haven't been there simply can't understand! :)

Take care!! HUGS!!