Tuesday, May 27, 2008

update May 2008

People have asked why I haven't been blogging and the truth is that I am busy again and have not gotten around to it. today is a cloudy warm day and I decided to send out an update. I still feel that every pain in my lower right side is my one ovary ready to burst and I even went to the doctor last month out of paranoia and it turned out to be nothing. Now I try to ignore the pains and enjoy life.

4 months post last chemo treatment, I still have numb fingertips, swollen toes and indigestion to some foods. I recently went through a stint of not being able to eat anything without pooping, but out of the blue, I can eat again with no problems. I am still tired and I get frustrated that I don't have my strength back at full force yet. I am grateful not being in chemo treatments so I do not complain. I know it takes time, I just wish there was a book out about post treatment so that I know what is normal and what isn't.

My next appointment is June 19th for my scan and June 14th I am graduating from college, Finally. Steve and I are getting along great and actually have been closer than ever before. My girls are doing great. They just got kittens over the weekend and my youngest, Lyzzi, is constantly carrying hers around. They are spoiled kitties!

My prayers go out to all going through cancer. What got me through the toughest days was knowing that tomorrow was a new day. I still live day to day because some days are still low for me, but I am thankful for what I have and the accomplishments I created for myself. For those who have been asking, I am doing great. If anyone knows anything about post treatment, I have a thumbnail that is looking funky and was wondering if anyone else has this. I will write more. I promise.