Saturday, January 17, 2009

It is cold!!!

This weekend we are having temps that are like -20 without the windchill. Our backdoor was frozen shut! Our sunroom has no heat going to it and the floors around the walls are ice, it is crazy!!! Tomorrow my husband and friends are actually going hunting, I do not think deer would be dumb enough to be roaming but who knows. I am not a deer.

Judging from not writing, I am doing good. My last appointment in December faired well. My doc said my counts are rising, but he did not schedule a scan till March so I am assuming it is nothing to worry about. I feel well and so to me that is all that matters. He said he wants to make sure my cancer isn't spreading. I don't know, it doesn't make since. My afp was 32. He asked if I would mind having another surgery to have a total hysterectomy. My question was why wasn't this done in the first place. He said that b/c my insurance would not pay for removal of good organs. Whatever.

I graduated in November and am now pursuing my Master's in Gerontology and Death and Dying. My biggest fear is death, so why not study it. I can not find work in this area, not even retail positions, so I am back volunteering. I am doing an adopt an elderly program and soup kitchen. I am also back at hospice but the social worker there still does not want me to work with clients. I don't know what she is expecting to happen to me. I can not take away the fact that I had cancer. I am doing clerical stuff there. I am also looking into volunteering in the cancer ward at our hospital. I like to kept busy, I guess that is not changing with me but I am more picky about what I do. I want to volunteer in positions that is related to my major and master's.

My next appointment is March 6th for a CAT scan. I pray everything is dandy and I can put this behind me for now.

Be well and talk soon