Thursday, June 10, 2010

Another surgery approaching

I hate being put under, but who does? I have my hysterectomy surgery on Monday the 14th in Columbus which is 2 hours away. Sunday I have to cleanse my bowels. I did not have to do that with my last ovary removal. Sounds fun. I just hope that I will finally feel better getting the other ovary gone and all my other female parts. Supposively my tumor markers were normal, so this should not lead into chemo, but my onocologist is doing the procedure, so that makes me wonder. Currently, I am bloated and in some mild pain due to the enlarged ovary. I had to fill out one of those sheets about allegies and past surgeries, it is intimidating. They have to tell you everything that could go wrong and I hate that, so know I am thinking this is it, my life was short and I have not accomplished much. Hopefully, the man upstairs will keep me around to see my girls grow, get married and hopefully not have to deal with all these female issues I am having. I have looked into nursing and am going to finish my master's in criminology this fall and go into the program from there. With my exprience in cancer, chemo and surgeries, I should do well in that job market. :) I will let everyone know how surgery goes. If it goes like last time, I will be up and walking the halls that evening against doctors orders, I am good at not listening. :)


nat said...

They had me up and walking 12 hours after both of my surgeries (hysterectomy, and a tumor debulking surgery). It really helps get to get the 'system' back on track. The bowel cleansing is LOADS (no pun intended) of fun :) They recommend drinking it through a straw to minimize the "blech" factor of the mix -depending on what they have you take for the cleanse.

For the panic, the only thing that helped me was deep breathing, and recognizing that everything was out of my hands, and out of my control. Also, I did my best to 'distract' myself with activities and people to try to take my mind off of the surgery. Sorry - that's the best advice I have. :( My second surgery was easier on me mentally though. I guess because I'd been through it before.

My surgically induced menopause systems consist solely of hot flashes. They are annoying, but don't interfere with my life or work. I think my mood swings are calmer since menopause. You may be able to take estrogen or something to help with any symptoms you might have.

Definitely let yourself heal. No heavy lifting! :) Walking is great, but go easy on the housework and lifting.

I'll be thinking about you on Monday! You will do just great - I know it!! Now, take some deep breaths (and maybe go see a movie...) :)

koneill1976 said...

Thanks Nat! I know it is out of my hands and that is what is freaky. We are have a special attitude that no matter what kicks us down, we jump back up and say "Bring it on!". I will post as soon as I can to let you know my adventures. Thank you again, I am glad to have such a good friend that has been there to help me through. I love hystersisters! Thanks for that too.


nat said...

Thinking about you today and tomorrow Kristine! BIG HUGS!!