Friday, October 31, 2008

My first illness

Last week it started as a cold with the sniffles and now my body has sucked up everything in its path. I feel like a sponge now that the hole is opened. Today I feel ok, 1 week after this all started. Will I be sick more this year since I am 7 month post chemo? Is my body starting over? I tried researching this, but can not find anything. If anyone can answer this, I would appreciate it. It is funny b/c people I work with make fun of me b/c I use alot of hand sanitizer and spray with Lysol and I am the one that ended up so ill. I believe it is because my body has to rebuild my immune system. Another question, do I have to get all my immunizations again? Am I still vaccinated with the MMR and all other fun shots I got when I was little. I was asked this and I honestly can not answer it. MMMMMMMM?

today is my favorite holiday, Halloween, and I love that I am interning b/c I can dress up. I dressed up as one of our too happy collegues and everyone thinks it is hilarious. I have a wig from when I was bald that fits her hair style and she always wears Ohio State gear, so I am wearing Steve's jersey and I am walking up and down the aisle's talking way too loud and clapping b/c that is what this lady does. To top it off, I am at her desk today b/c she took today off. I am sooooooooooo funny. :)

Well I have to go work, actually, silly me!